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Wireless Online Monitoring System

Wireless Online Monitoring System

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The HDL1000 is a wireless environmental monitoring system that lets you know the temperature and humidity conditions on your sites 24/7 and will send you alarm emails or texts if conditions go outside your preset limits.

Many building processes and materials are highly susceptible to damage from high and low temperatures and humidities, particularly timber based products. This system is designed to monitor and record conditions on site and alert your site staff when they need to take steps to control conditions. 

The system uses rugged battery operated sensors that send temperature and humidity data up to 500m to a central base station. The base station then sends the data from up to 256 sensors to a cloud database via the mobile GSM network.

The information is then available from any device with an internet connection. The information is available on-site, in the office, on-the-move.

Systems can be moved from site to site as required, so can be continue to be used for years to come.

System specification depends on your exact requirements and the number of sensors you need. Click HERE for a data sheet about the system. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.


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