About Us

Jonathan BurchHumidity Devices was formed by Jonathan Burch who is highly experienced in the hardwood flooring industry having been Managing Director of Weldon for nine years. Jonathan realised that humidity and temperature control was essential for the trouble free installation of hardwood floors particularly when installed over underfloor heating.

Innovative technical solutions were required to monitor the changing moisture levels in hardwood floors over the seasons to protect the floor and everyone involved in a flooring project. He hunted for the best solutions worldwide and found the Fidbox from Floor Protector which has now been tried and tested over the past fifteen years in some of the worlds most prestigious properties. The Fidbox is the "Black Box" data recorder for the flooring industry.

Humidity Devices was formed to to bring the benefits of the Fidbox product to the UK.

Humidity Devices are able to offer Homeowners, Architects, Building Contractors, Flooring Manufacturers, and Flooring Installers a wealth of advice on how to successfully protect hardwood flooring.

We will be delighted to tell you more about the Humidity Devices products and help advise on your flooring installations so please contact us if you have any questions.