Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does a fidbox battery last?

A fidbox battery should last 6 years

How many fidboxes should I install?

Allow for 1 fidbox per 50sqm of flooring installed.

Where should I install my fidbox?

The fidbox should be installed in an area that is representative of the floor as a whole. It should not be installed under fitted furniture or rugs. An ideal position is 1.2m out from the centre of the main doorway to a room.

How can I receive more support?

Please phone Humidity Devices on 01522 253223 or email

How far does the Bluetooth technology allow for a connection?

Up to 8m in house, that means you have to be within this range to the fidbox.

Can several people that live in the same house log into the same Floor Protector account?

Yes. The account can be used simultaneously on several devices to view the data. But they should not perform synchronizations at the same time.

Can the relative humidity and temperature limits be changed by the user?

No, different limits are predefined by different floor products. Please contact us if you need special limits.

Can a user give the recorded data to someone else?

Yes. Click by the fidbox on the device settings (the little pen-symbol) and scroll all the way down. Use the function „share data“. With this you can share the data with another Floor Protector Account.

Does the home's Wi-Fi play a role in collecting the data if the phone is connected to the homes Wi-fi?

No. The way the phone is connected to the internet does not affect the synchronization. You only need an active Internet connection.

How long does the data stay in the software?

The measured data will be stored in our database indefinitely. We do not delete any data.

The app says, that an email has been sent to me, but i did not receive one!

Please check your email spam folder.

How can I retrieve the measurement data from my fidbox?

You can synchronize your fidbox in two different ways:
1) Using our mobile ‘fidbox’ App -available for free in the respective store.
2) Using our paid FP Desktop Professional software for PC or Mac. Note that in the second case you need our USB Bluetooth Dongle to be able to make a connection!

When can I retrieve the measurement data from my fidbox?

To enable a successful synchronization, the fidbox must be “awake” and within reach of the user account. In order to guarantee a battery life of up to 6 years, a fidbox “sleeps” at certain times depending on the version and the mode set of the fidbox. But you can always see the possible synchronization time in the APP when you click on the desired fidbox. You will see the last synchronized time in green letters and the next possible one in orange letters. To save battery it is only possible to take one reading out per day!

Why am I seeing measurement data, from a time before I had the fidbox installed in my floor?

The fidbox measures from activation in the factory over its whole life span, not just after it has been installed in a floor panel. We can however reset the measurements, if that is your wish. Please contact our customer support.

If you have any other questions please contact us