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The hmbox is an innovative way to measure screed moisture contents and site conditions online without the expense of visiting site. The hmbox shows you exactly when the screed is going to be ready to accept floor coverings. By looking at the drying rate of the screed you will be able to forecast how long it will be until the site will be ready. Easy to install, the site data is collected every hour and sent twice a day to the internet so that you can find out site and screed conditions from any internet enabled device.

  • Simple measurement of screed and room conditions
  • Cost savings - reduce wasted time and expense of site visits
  • Predict the right time for installation of floor coverings
  • Data available anywhere from a browser or App for multiple users
  • Know site conditions without having to visit site

The price includes 1 year roaming GSM contract for data collection.

Please call 01522 253223 for more information. 

See the video of hmbox in action VIDEO OF HMBOX

Download the hmbox booklet Download here

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