About Fidbox

Why do we need the Fidbox?

"The professional approach to hardwood flooring and moisture control"

As we all know timber is a natural material that expands and contracts based on its moisture level which is in turn dependant on the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. Hardwood flooring when installed over underfloor heating is susceptible to extreme changes in temperature and humidity that can cause damage such as cupping, cracking, buckling, and open joints. Similarly when hardwood floors are installed they are at risk from moisture gains or loss from sub floors and the environment. If moisture levels change too much floors can be ruined costing all involved time, money and reputation. More on Wood and Moisture

    Cupping             Warping          Open Joints        Buckling



"Reliable data when it is needed most." 

Flooring manufacturers and installers tend to set warranty specifications for temperature and humidity conditions that need to be maintained to protect the flooring. If things go wrong it is often unclear who is at fault, is it the homeowner, the installer, the manufacturer, the heating engineer, the builder...?

The Fidbox provides reliable diagnosis and data when it is needed most. It monitors environmental conditions, before, during, and after installation. The whole story.


"Simple installation - long term benefits"

The Fidbox is installed under the wood flooring and measures and records the temperature and humidity of the flooring from the moment it is installed. The installation is simple and the Fidbox then takes readings of the temperature and relative humidity of both the timber floor and the subfloor every eight hours. Measurements continue for up to eight years.


"Room climatic variations at a glance with immediate diagnosis for improvement"

There are two methods to read a fidbox- A Free Smart Phone App or Laptop and a USB reader. The FREE App for IPhone or Android allows you to connect to the Fidbox and read the data. If you are a professional user all you need to read the data is a notebook computer, the Fidbox software, and a USB Reader stick. The data can be read out at any time. The software displays both a graph and a data table that allows easy diagnosis of what has been happening to the floor.


If you have more questions try our Frequently asked Questions Datasheet, or please contact us with any questions.

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