The "Black Box" recorder for flooring

Hardwood flooring is susceptible to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. If moisture levels change too much floors can be ruined costing all involved time, money and reputation.

The fidbox from Humidity Devices, provides you with reliable information about the environmental conditions of your hardwood flooring.

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Protect your wood flooring with data

The fidbox is installed under the flooring and measures from below the temperature and humidity fluctuation in the floor construction and the subfloor. The saved data can be wirelessly read at any time from the fidbox without having to remove any of the flooring.

  • Easy Installation

    The fidbox is installed easily by routing a small pocket in the back of the flooring and then installing with the sticky pad provided. No wires or setup required. 

  • 100% Reliable Data

    The fidbox provides temperature and humidity readings every 8 hours from the point that it was installed giving you the total history of environmental conditions above and below the floor.

  • Bluetooth enabled

    The fidbox is read simply using Bluetooth and the free fidbox App. All you need to do is open the app within 8 meters of the fidbox and click on the fidbox you want to read.

  • Receive alerts & warnings

    When you read your fidbox it will give you clear warnings if the temperature or humidity readings are outside the safe range for your wood floor.

Why do we need fidbox?

Timber is a natural material that expands and contracts based on its moisture level which is in turn dependant on the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. When hardwood floors are installed they are at risk from moisture gains or loss that can cause damage such as cupping, cracking, buckling, and open joints. The Fidbox provides reliable diagnosis and data when it is needed most.

How does it work?

Watch our video that explains how the fidbox works to protect your timber flooring by recording the environmental conditions that may damage your wood floor and allow you to make adjustments to protect your floors.

Trusted by top developments

The fidbox is installed in many top developments as experienced contractors and developers know that it helps prevent problems occurring.

Learn more

Learn more with our fidbox resources

The fidbox is simple and intuitive to use, if you want to find out more advanced information please follow the link to our Resources section which will give you much more information.