fidbox for Larger Projects

Larger projects that include wood flooring are particularly susceptible to damage floors due to adverse environmental conditions. The fidbox is successfully used by a number of the leading developers and contractors to manage these risks and prevent problems occurring.

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  • Reduce Risk

    The fidbox helps reduce risk by allowing monitoring of the flooring so corrective actions can be taken before problems occur saving time and money.

  • Avoid claims

    The fidbox shows exactly what has happened to a floor before and after project handover, providing the data to diagnose the cause of problems that do occur and who is at fault.

  • Best Practice

    Knowing their actions are recorded encourages all trades to follow their RAMS from sub floor preparation, installation, site environmental control, heating commissioning, to cleaning. 

  • Warranties

    Wood floor manufacturers require defined environmental conditions for their warranties. The fidbox provides the data to show that these conditions have been maintained.

There are many steps of a build process that can increase the risk to a wood floor. Long construction periods between installation and permanent heating systems being commissioned mean that floors can pick up too much moisture before being dried too rapidly causing gaps, splits, and delamination occurring just before project handover.  

The fidbox measures and monitors the effect of each step of the process, and helps make sure that everyone does what they should do to protect the flooring. The fidbox helps prevent problems and provides the data to show who is at fault if problems do occur.

Protection for both floors and business

90-95% of all claims are moisture related. If moisture levels change too much floors can be ruined costing all involved time, money and reputation. fidbox helps eliminate moisture-based claims with a proactive approach letting the owner know the floor needs attention before irreparable damage.

Trusted by top developers

Many leading developers and construction companies specify the fidbox as standard on all their projects as experience has shown them that the upfront investment saves them money and reputation in the long run.

Learn more with our fidbox resources

The fidbox is simple and intuitive to use, if you want to find out more advanced information please follow the link to our Resources section which will give you much more information.