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The RoomLog™ is a low cost revolutionary new product for logging temperature and humidity conditions allowing you to monitor conditions 24/7 from any internet connected device. The product is really simple - you charge it up, locate it where you want to measure, and then log in to to access the data.

It is designed to be really simple to use, the only setup required is to give the sensor a name, and set up alarms if you want to receive them. The system allows you to set up temperature and humidity limits and the system will then email you an alarm whenever conditions go outside the limits that you have set.

The RoomLog™ contains a fully roaming SIM card that allows it to find the best data signal and connect directly to the internet. The cost of the first years data and use is included in the purchase price. Additional years data can be purchased at £50+VAT per year with discounts available if you wish to purchase additional years in advance.

The RoomLog takes a reading once and hour and sends it to the server. If you locate the RoomLog™ in an area without a phone signal then it logs up to 2880 readings in its memory and then uploads the data next time it is in an area with phone coverage.

The server allows you to see graphs of the room conditions, and either print or produce .pdf files so that you can save or send the data to your colleagues. You can also set up unlimited users on the server so that you can grant access to anyone who you want to have access to the data. You can also decide who should receive alarms.

The RoomLog™ allows you to actively monitor and manage conditions anywhere you put it without having to waste the time to go and take readings personally or go though the hassle of downloading historic data from a USB datalogger. 

The RoomLog™ is small 85x65x25mm and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on a wall using the sticky velcro pad provided. The battery life is up to a month on a single charge, and can be recharged in 4 hours with the USB cable provided.

The RoomLog™ has been specifically designed for use within the building industry where it is really important to manage environmental conditions to ensure that building materials such as timber floors and joinery are not damaged by adverse conditions. The RoomLog™ has countless uses from building sites, factories, warehouses, to finished properties. In fact anywhere where you want to monitor and manage environmental conditions.

To download the Quick Start Guide and FAQ CLICK HERE

 To download a Datasheet CLICK HERE

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