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Room Thermo Hygrometer in a luxury box

Room Thermo Hygrometer in a luxury box

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This room Thermo Hygrometer in a luxury box is designed as a great gift to give someone with a wood floor. It allows them to clearly see the relative humidity and temperature in their room which means that the owner can know when to adjust their living conditions to provide the optimum conditions for their health and the health of their floors.

These Thermo Hygrometers are an excellent companion to the Fidbox as they make it easy for you to be able to explain the importance of humidity and temperature for a wooden floor and for health. Please see my Blog about the "Health Risks of Adverse Relative Humidity" if you need to know more.

These Thermo Hygrometer's are a great gift for a flooring company to give to all their customers as part of the handover procedure. They are lovely useful gifts, and allow the flooring company to explain the best environmental conditions for floors in a really positive way.

The Thermo Hygrometers come in a luxury presentation box. In the standard form these come in all black and have no logos on them. If you are interested in buying branded boxes and meters with your own logos on them these can be custom printed for you if you are buying more than fifty meters. Please contact us for more details of the range of cost effective branding options.

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