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Wood Moisture Analyser - PMB 53

Wood Moisture Analyser - PMB 53

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The PMB53 Wood Moisture Analyser is the perfect tool to ensure you really know the moisture content of your timber. It is the only quick method for checking the moisture content of Fumed Oak where conventional pin moisture meters do not work. The Ammonia salts in Fumed timber are electrically conductivity which means you can't measure using pin meters. If you have ever tried using a pin meter you will know that you can get really high false readings which can be a real worry if you don't know whether the timber is actually damp.

With the PMB53 you can test the timber accurately, and quickly.

The PMB 53 Wood Moisture Analyser works by taking a small sample of sawdust which is weighed by the analyser and then fully dried. The analyser weighs the sawdust until it stops losing moisture and then calculates the weight drop which is the moisture content. The whole process is completed in just a couple of minutes, and the data can then be read from the machine or stored on a PC and printed out.

The system works for all types of timbers and the results do not need adjusting for species types or timber temperature like you need to do with a pin meter. The other great benefit is that you see the core moisture content not just the surface reading.

The PMB 53 Wood Moisture Analyser comes with all instructions required to take wood moisture readings. The analyser is simple to use by your warehouse or production staff.

Knowing the correct moisture content of timber is crucial to producing a quality product. This method of testing moisture content is the only quick way of testing Fumed Oak timber.

Please click here for a data sheet about the product.

The price includes the Analyser, a USB cable to connect to a PC, and the data collection software. The Analyser also comes with the method required to take wood moisture content readings.

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