The following statement was generated by the German speaking hardwood manufacturers who have given their consent for the use of their company logos as a sign of support for the fidbox electronic monitoring system.

Statement from a group of leading hardwood manufacturers

Effective as of October 2011 the leading European hardwood flooring manufacturers specifically recommend the use of the fidbox by hardwood flooring installations being fitted on top of under floor radiant heating systems and by full surface adhesion.
The fidbox provides historical measurements of temperature and relative humidity above the hardwood floor surface as well as below the surface, at the screed level. These measurements will be necessary as they provide reliable data in the event of a case of damage.
In this way, the new technology adds value and protects your hardwood floor.
Your additional advantages: The extracted data can help draw conclusions on the improvement of indoor climate conditions and help identify a course of action for reduction of energy consumption. This data on room climatic conditions can also serve to help improve the indoor air quality of your rooms giving all inhabitants a healthier environment in which to live.